Watch this space as we sort through two decades of collected posters, prints and artworks…!

Oval framed pastel portrait of a young lady, 66 x 50cm, £60. RAV97
Gilt framed painting of a cow being milked. £55. RAV35
Oval framed lithograph of horses in water, 92 x 70cm, £125. RAV95
RAV015 Ambigu Comique poster RAV 011
Vintage French Poster, 57 x 89cm, SOLD. RAV15
RAV021 Gitanes Poster
Vintage French Gitanes Poster, 51 x 78cm, SOLD. RAV21
RAV016 Gitanes poster RAV 012
Vintage Gitanes French Poster, 40 x 60cm, SOLD. RAV16
RAV013 Carnivale poster
Vintage French Poster, 51 x 78cm, £25. RAV13