Large Carpets

We always have a good selection of large carpets at our showrooms at Raveningham. If you require a large carpet you can see a selection below or contact us with your requirements and we can locate the rug of your dreams! Call Mal on 0780 1416355.

19th Century Persian Ardebil design. 410 x 480cm. £3,000. RAV200

Northern Persian. 385 x 288cm. £1,395. RAV201

North West Persian Runner. 353 x 103cm. £595. RAV202

North West Persian Runner. 115 x 400cm. £540. RAV203

Old Qashqai Runner. 147 x 360cm. £1250. RAV205

Faded Persian Tabriz. 410 x 285cm. £950. RAV206

Persian Tabriz. 387 x 290cm. £1200. RAV207

Persian Tabriz. 360 x 282cm. £1500. RAV208

Persian Felt. 363 x 207cm. £350. RAV209

Persian. 244 x 324cm. SOLD. RAV210

North West Persian. 298 x 200cm. £900. RAV211

Persian. 307 x 215cm. £750. RAV213

Persian. 315 x 208cm. £0. RAV214

Persian Ardebil Design. 227 x 330cm. £1,800. RAV215