We had planned to have an Antique / Vintage / Reproduction Garden Furniture sale throughout May 2020 at Raveningham. Lots of lovely fresh stock but with the shops closed we are selling through Instagram and this website – scroll down to see if there is anything you fancy. Please get in touch if you would like more info or to buy.

Basket style reconstituted stone planter, £65 pair. RAV84
Red painted bucket, £20. Pair of stone balls £110 pair RAV66
Vintage apple ladders, large £120, small £65. RAV80
Wrought iron arch top, £95. Buckets £10 each. RAV79
Carved marble architectural fragments. £450 for the lot. RAV76
Pair of stone double spheres, £210. RAV73
Pair of stone balls £110 pair. RAV66
Cast iron metal boiler, £120
Cast Iron French Boiler, 72cm diameter, 28cm height. £120. RAV22
table and chairs
Vintage Metal Garden Table and 4 Chairs. SOLD ROG01


RAV25 Ceramic Barrel
19th Century Ceramic Barrel, 38cm diameter, 65cm height, £150. RAV25
ROG01 antiques wirework bench 124cm £485
Antique Wirework Bench, 124cm, £485. ROG01
ROG05 anrique stone mermaid water feature 90cm £295
Antique Stone Mermaid Water Feature, 90cm, £295. ROG05
ROG07 female bust £140 ROG30 column £225
Female Bust on Column, £365. ROG07
Vintage Wrought Iron Coffee Table, 110 x 50cm, £65. ROG41
ROG11 rare french stone garden light 130cm height £465
Rare French Stone Garden Light, 130cm height, £465. ROG11
ROG12 terracotta pot on column£245
Terracotta Pot on Column, SOLD. ROG12
ROG13 Portugeuese Urn £265
Portuguese Terracotta Urn, £265. ROG13
ROG15 head of Pericles 60cm £195
Bust of Pericles, 60cm height, £195. ROG15
ROG17 stone pair of whippets £295
Pair of stone lurchers, £295. ROG17
ROG24 Doric £195
Doric Column, £195. ROG24
ROG25 rare french stone birdhouse 207cm height £625
Rare French Stone Birdhouse, 207cm height, £625. ROG25
ROG27 £195
Pair of Vintage Urns, £195. ROG27
ROG28 stone Searle figure £225
Vintage Female Statue by Searle of Devon, 80cm height, £225. ROG28
ROG29 Cherub £185 ROG23 column £220
Cherub water feature, 52cm height, on stone column, 79cm height, £405. ROG29/23